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Bird Of Prey Display

A visit to Willow’s Bird of Prey Centre is an inspiring and uplifting day out for all ages.

We have many exciting day – to – day activities that we run here on Coolings Green and Pleasant Nature Trail. Our February Half Term timetable consists of the following exciting activities:

11:00am – Morning Demonstration
(under the Christmas Trees)
11:30am – Owl Handling
(beside the Tree of Memories)
12:15pm – Ferret Racing
(at the Ferret Racetrack)
1:30pm—Main Demonstration
(Blueberry Arena)
2:00pm – Meet the Lugger
(beside the Tree of Memories)
2:15pm – Fly a Bird of Prey
(at the Landing Strip)
3:00pm – Owl Handling
(beside the Tree of Memories)
3:45pm – Ferret Racing
(at the Ferret Racetrack)

During the school holidays, we have up to eight activities which include our two spectacular flying displays which is all included in your entrance price. Each display takes place in a different arena with a different team of birds. You can expect to get very close to our birds as they swoop over your head whilst our passionate and knowledgeable team will provide a light-heated and informative commentary.

In the school holidays, you get the chance at flying a bird of prey or join us for World Famous Ferret Racing.

We are an outdoors attraction and where possible demonstrations will go on weather permitting.