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Chunk makes a full recovery!

At Willow’s we pride ourselves on the well being and up-keep of our animals. Especially when we are brought birds that are deemed not flyable or useless.

All animals deserve a chance, and Chunk our Pere/Lanner Hybrid Falcon is no exception.

Chunk was given to us from a breeder, she hatched out from a hard shell, so her face became slightly deformed. The breeder concern was she wouldn’t be able to eat, however this was not a problem for our chunk!

Once manned and feeding well, our next problem arose. Chunk had a condition of her wing – wing tip edema.

This posed problems to Chunk’s primary feathers, which in turn affected her flight. A vigorous veterinary program which included laser treatments and constant  aid from the keepers on the centre, Chunk managed a full and able recovery back to flying. We hope to include in our display team once her fitness builds and we would love for you guys to come and meet her!


Happy flying Chunk!


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