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Falconry Course

This course offers time to gain a huge insight into the world of birds of prey, their species, care, management and handling. This is a great course for people new to falconry, people that wish to keep birds of prey or experienced falconers looking to extend their skills and get a recognised award. We have a wide collection of birds and want to share our interest and skills with those who have become fascinated too.

This is a 5 day course, covering bird of prey management, safety for bird and falconer, how to use a creance line, falconry equipment, transporting birds, the falconer’s knot, building trust between bird and falconer, weight and food management, training your bird to return to the glove and using a transmitter.

A Raptor Awards certificate will be received once the course is completed.

The Raptor Award is divided into two units:

Keeping a Bird of Prey
C1 – Accommodation and Equipment
C2 – Feeding and Nutrition

C3 – Monitor and Maintain Health

C4 – Catching, Restraining and Moving
C5 – Legislation

Training a Bird of Prey
C6 – Species Characteristics and Types
C7 – Furniture and Equipment
C8 – Initial Training, Manning and Weight Management

The Raptor Awards is a nationally recognised award designed to educate participants to keep birds of prey in a safe and healthy condition.