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Falconry Experience Day Sussex

12/10/18 –

Have you been looking to attend a falconry experience day in Sussex? The Willows Bird of Prey Centre is the place you need to be today. Based in the UK, we are a specialist centre that offers a wide range of birds of prey experiences and encounters for people of all ages. We are very committed to all the work we carry out and have a passion for all birds of prey. We have a wealth of experience in our field and always ensure our customers are 100% happy working with us – so you know we are the company you need to contact today.


Our Junior Falconry Experience is one of the most popular falconry experience days we have available in Sussex. This is an opportunity for children to become a falconer for the day and join two members of our team for this exciting two hour session. They will have the opportunity to handle and fly a variety of species of owls and hawks, meet a vulture and hold a falcon, as well as learn about some of the techniques we use to train our birds – and more.


Here at the Willows Bird of Prey Centre, our team have many years of expertise in dealing with birds and have a whole wealth of knowledge that they love to share. We are passionate about birds of prey and we like to transfer our knowledge through our experience days, which will be packed with information and interesting facts.

If you would like to attend the very best falconry experience day in Sussex, the Willows Bird of Prey website is the place you need to be. Please feel free to call a member of our friendly customer service team on 01959 580677 or you can email us at [email protected].