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Falconry Training Kent

26/09/17 –

Welcome to Willows Bird Of Prey. We are a specialist center that offer a wide range of birds of prey experiences and encounters for people of all ages. Our Falconers have many years of expertise in dealing with birds, and have a whole wealth of knowledge that they love to share! If you are looking for falconry training in Kent, what better place to carry out your training than in the beautiful rolling kent countryside. You’ll experience a fun, knowledgeable and exciting few days of training. If you are looking for falconry training in Kent, contact Willows today!


For the best falconry training in Kent, we offer a few different options that can suit everyone.  Our introduction to Falconry day is an unforgettable experience which allows you to get up close and personal with these stunning birds. Our experienced falconers will teach you about the history of falconry, managing and handling the birds and educating you in health and safety when it comes to the falconry field experience. The best part? Getting to finish off your day on our 6 acre nature trail, watching a falcon in full action! If you are looking into falconry training in Kent, why not become a falconer for the day. Suitable for children aged 8-15 years, this experience allows you to join two of our falconers for an exciting, hands on two-hour session which will include, meet a vulture and hold a falcon, weighing and feeding birds, learning training techniques and much more. If you are looking to do falconry training in Kent, contact Willows Bird Of Prey today.  


For those who are more serious about becoming a falconer, our beginner falconry course is a 4 day, intensive course that will teach you all there is to know about birds of prey and feed your passion for falconry! There will be plenty of opportunities to get hands on with our falcons and some of the things you will learn on this course for falconry training in Kent are: falconry equipment, bird transportation, feeding falcons and even training your bird to return to your gloved fist.


For more information on falconry training in Kent, call a member of our friendly customer service team on 01959 580677 or you can email us at