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5. Beginner Falconry Course


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This course offers time to gain a huge insight into the world of birds of prey, their species, care, management and handling. We have a wide collection of birds and want to share our interest and skills with those who have become fascinated too.


Starts at our base at the Coolings Green and Pleasant, Knockholt, with introductions, complimentary drinks and an outline of the schedule for the day. There will be chances for questions. The morning session includes talks, discussions and demonstrations.
The falconry course covers the following aspects:

  • Handling, including safety for handlers and birds.
  • What is required to manage and care for birds of prey.
  • Basic falconry equipment; learn about perches, jesses, swivels, leashes, gloves and bags.
  • Discover how to transport the birds safely, tying bird, and Falconer’s knot.
  • Understand manning and learn about building the trust of the bird in being used to being handled and close to people.
  • The balance between weight and food – how to keep the bird fit and well nourished.
  • How to train your bird to return to your gloved fist.

After lunch, the afternoon session will be a Hawk Walk in the Kent countryside, involving handling the birds and developing field handling skills.  You will certainly feel energised and full of new knowledge by the end of this first day!

We start the day in the base at the Coolings Green and Pleasant, Knockholt, with questions, a recap of topics covered on the first day and a short presentation.
The morning session describes and explains the procedures for looking after and maintaining the birds of prey; to maintain their weight; to keep them in healthy condition and know how to look out for any birds which appear below par.
We shall explain how to house the birds healthily and cover all aspects of food preparation and diet/weight control.
After the complimentary lunch, we return to the field for a longer session of experience with different falconry field techniques. You will be handling the birds and developing your skills and confidence with them.
Back at the office we have time for discussion and questions, before finishing at 4pm.


Today you will learn about hunting with a bird of prey, something humans have been doing for hundreds of years. You’ll learn what type of bird is best to hunt what game and hopefully get some hands on hunting experience dependent on the day.

The early morning will be spent going over everything you have learnt over the past 3 days before having a theory exam. After lunch you will be taken to the fields where a transmitter will be hidden and you will have to find it, to prove that you are capable of tracking down a bird should it become lost. Finally a live assessment will take place where you will have complete control of a bird to show us that your are competent in all aspects of flying a bird of prey.


Price: 1 Person – £490, 2 People – £680, 3 People – £730, 4 People – £780