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School Visits

A day at the Willow’s Bird of Prey Centre is a wonderfully interactive learning experience offering pupils the opportunity to be immersed in nature for the day. Set in 6 acres of grounds, ranging from beautiful woodlands to our stunning blueberry meadow. With over 60 birds of prey comprised of around 30 different species – from owls to eagles – there is plenty on view, plus spectacular flying demonstrations and keeper’s talks to keep your school group entertained and occupied.

A school visit with us includes:

  • All school groups are given an introductory talk on arrival from one of our experienced members of staff. This talk will be tailored to suit the age of pupils in your group and will give an overview of the work we do and the birds and animals that we have in our care.
  • Ample free coach parking with easy set down and pickup.
  • Free recce for school group leader in advance
  • Free driver admission
  • Fully accessible buildings and grounds


We have a full daily timetable of activities that your school group can take part in, including watching our world-class flying demonstrations. On top of these activities, we offer a range of on-site workshops that have been designed to give a more hands-on approach to learning.

All of our activities are listed below and are based on class size groups of between 12 and 30 pupils, but some can be adapted for larger groups or the itinerary arranged to run smaller sessions throughout a visit.


Habitat Surveys

The day starts off at the nature trail, armed with a magnifying glass in hand, we will take a closer look at what uses the nature trail and the pond as a habitat and record our findings.

We will identify species of insects that live in the pond using the I.D sheets provided, work out the life cycles of those insects and where they are on the food chain.

We can also look at what uses the nature trail, what grows there and what we can identify using the I.D sheets. Drawings can also be made and a tally sheet to register what we find is provided.

Key Subject: Science
Suitable for: Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4
Running Time: 30-40 minutes (Maximum groups of 30 children)


Ask the Professional

The students will get to meet and interview one of our professional falconers. Students will get to ask the falconer a series of questions, including what training and qualifications they had to achieve to become a falconer, why falconry, what they love the most about their job and introduce their favourite bird of prey. They will get to find out about the bird that the falconer has chosen, why they chose that bird and lots of information about birds of prey generally.

We suggest that before coming along, teachers help students to prepare some questions, in preparation for the meeting. The session will help the students learn about an extraordinary job from an expert and give them confidence to investigate.

Key Subject: English Speaking and Listening
Suitable for: Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 4
Running Time: 20-30 minutes


Art Workshops

We want to motivate students and test their artistic flare by letting them draw a real live bird of prey.

Firstly, the students will be introduced to the birds they will be drawing with a short description of the birds origins, habitat and any distinctive markings. The length of this workshop will be held appropriate to the age of the children and can also be held indoors.

We ask you to bring along your own sketch books, pencils, pastels, colouring pens or charcoal. However, we are happy to provide basic paper and pencils.

Key Subject: Art
Suitable for: Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4
Running Time: Younger pupils – 40 minutes, Older pupils – 1.5 hours


Creative Writing

Firstly, the students will group together and create a personal spider diagram of expressive words and their perception of different species of birds of prey, drawing from their own knowledge. The students will then get to explore the nature trail and meet some of the species we have here on site. They will also get to see one of the flying demonstrations.

We will all then reassemble and repeat the same task as before, noticing what has changed and adding some new words into our spider diagrams. The students will then get to look at some creative writing drafted about birds of prey.

Key Subject: English
Suitable for: Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4
Running Time: 1 hour – 1.5 hours


Predator Adjustment and Food Chains

The students will have the chance to explore the nature trail, observing the birds of prey along the trail with an activity sheet in hand to note down any information from the species signs and the flying demonstration that will take place.

The birds have adjusted to our world with how and where they hunt their food and where they live. We will then reassemble and review what adjustments birds of prey make and food chains linked to birds of prey.

Key Subject: Science
Suitable for: Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4
Running Time: 1 hour – 1.5 hours


Conservation Operation

Conservation Operation is a chance for students to learn what Willow’s Bird of Prey is passionate
about and to get on board and learn more about our next steps in conservation with British Wildlife particularly British Birds of Prey.


The aim of this experience is to encourage students to think about conservation and how they can help these and other animals, and how they are also accountable for their actions in our natural world.

Key Subject: Science
Suitable for: Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 4
Running Time: 40 – 60 minutes

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