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The Lugger Project

Project Lugger is a charity organisation created to stop/prevent the cruel killing of the lugger falcon. Popular methods used to kill these innocent birds consist of using deadly traps out in the desert or using them as ‘lure birds’, to catch more ‘impressive, substantial’ falcons. This campaign was set up by three U.K. falconers – Bob Daiton, Shane Griffiths, and Adam Fry.


The aim of ‘Project Lugger’ is to breed more lugger falcons, unrelated to the ones in danger, and release them into identified ‘danger zones’. This is so that they can breed to stop the extinction of the lugger falcon.


Due to an 85% dramatic decrease in the number of lugger falcons, it is estimated that there are only a shocking 10,000 – 20,000 pairs left. Project Lugger hopes to significantly increase this devastatingly low number.


Nothing has been done until now – why? If this was any other, more popular bird of prey, this problem would have been acted on almost instantly. However, in undeveloped countries such as Pakistan – one of the countries these birds are being killed in, are unfortunately undergoing much more serious political matters such as war and conflict – consequently making the lugger falcon a low priority. Additionally these countries are trying to deal with over vulnerable dying animals such as the snow leopard, sloth and Himalayan bear to name a few.  All of which are more appealing to the public – therefore are being prioritized.

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